I’m Erick.

I’m a UX Designer living in Seattle that is passionate about creating simple, original, and impactful user experiences that leave a positive impact on people. I’m a self-taught designer with over 10 years of experience in multiple different positions across diverse sectors.

I grew up in Cuba before moving to the United States and have lived in many different places with various cultures and backgrounds since then. I’ve learned to have an open mindset in life that empathizes with the pain points, goals, and desires of different cultures. I believe that my ability to quickly adjust to new challenges in life comes from that. Owing to my diverse upbringing, I embrace all cultures and try to bring it to the designs I create.

I'm constantly challenging myself in different design practices in order to learn and develop my skill sets overall.

In my free time, I enjoy boxing at my local gym, exploring new hikes, or spending hours figuring out what to watch on Netflix with my wife. 

You can follow and connect with me through LinkedIn and Medium!

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